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A superior multi-agent program that has currently taken residence in the body of Shadow the Hedgehog.

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Black smile immediately shrunk to hide his teeth from Bones’ sight when he noticed the tail flick and Bones eyeing his teeth.

Black put his hands behind his back at Bone’s question. “Zone hop. Didn’t mean to wind up here, but wasn’t really thinking of a place either just wanted to explore.”

He gave a chuckle at Bone’s curious gaze. “Are you wondering why I look like this?”

“O- oh. I- I see”, he murmured, noticing how Black’s smile had shrunk in size. Bones felt a little bad about being so nervous, if that was possible. He did not want Black trying to cover up things for the sake of his comfort. The other already had to do that enough with wearing that cloak.

At he blinked rapidly, a bit confused by the action until he heard the question. His ears flopped to the sides in shame. Black must have noticed him staring, it was hard not to. “I- I’m sorry. I- I don’t mean t- to st- stare”.

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The malaise with which Opiate exited the room was intense, near-enough to knock Commander off his feet as he subtly reached a hand out - no, there would be no reaching that boy. Not right now. Especially not after the door closed, leaving Bones and Commander shut into the same room. No, there would be no following him now, and so the stressed-out father let out a sigh. He’d deal with Opiate later. With an uneasy glance over at Bones, Commander folded his hands behind his back, rocking on his heels slightly.

"…Gosh, kid, I’m sorry about all that. I didn’t know…I didn’t know it was bothering Opi’ so much. I’m sorry you had to see that…

I’ll check on him later. He needs time to cool off. I’ve just singlehandedly thrown what he believed upside down, right in front of him - so it’s not that much of a surprise.

Are you alright, Bones? Do you need anything? I can stay here to talk, or I can go - your call. Just know that…it’s gonna be alright, okay?”

When Bones did not get a response from Opiate, his friend moving away from his touch he let out a whine. The whine only increased in volume as his friend left the room without a single word. He wanted to scramble out of bed and follow him out, make him feel better. But he couldn’t will his legs to move and instead his body slumped, eyes down casting to the sheets. Opiate did not mean it, he was just looking for answers..

The sigh caught his attention, gaze flickering up at Commander. His expression was of concern, sensing just how tense the other seemed. It was heart breaking to see. “N- no it’s f-fine”, he mumbled quietly, eyes falling down into his lap again. He’d have to leave soon. With Commander stressed out and Opiate down, he’d only be a burden to them. He needed to leave..

At the question he gave a quick nod, refusing to look up, “N-no I- I don’t n- need a- anything. Y- you c- can g- go. I’ll b- be a- alright”. Bones paused for a long moment, frowning, “P- please t- take c- care of O- Opiate”.

I love you. Please know that. I’m watching over you and I care for you all.

Bones flinched at the voice in his head, weakly clutching it. What was that? That wasn’t him thinking that. It was as if someone had whispered something in his ears. The voice was somehow familiar, like his ears remembered but his mind was void of an identity to give the voice.

Though, there was one thing he knew for sure, the voice was tender and loving. Like a father to a son. He pulled the blankets closer to him, repeating it over and over in his head. Then came the urge. Flinging back the sheets Bones stumbled out of bed and quickly looked for a pierce of paper and pencil. A pen. Anything.

He managed to find both after a good moment of searching around the room. Hunching over the night stand he eagerly wrote down the words he’d heard. He’d have to remember this. This message wasn’t for him, but for someone suffering a greater pain. He hoped he wasn’t just hearing things..

Either way, Xana would need to hear this..

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He’d misjudged. He’d completely, utterly misjudged. The one he’d called a coward, the one he’d thought had simply disappeared had been instead caught by the multiverses whim and had probably been ripped apart by those same whims. The thing he’d done to help everyone, the simple fact of extending of his hand to those in need had been the cause of his disappearance and the pain that had seeped into the crevices of his world.

Ears flipped back at the last sentence. Brother. That meant that Commander cared about this person, cared enough to consider him family and possibly willing to entrust Opiate to him if Commander were to die. An uncle.

Eyes closed, tears gathered. He’d made such a mistake. Such a big mistake.

"I’m sorry," was Opiate’s quiet answer as he took a step back, sitting on the bed and unable to look at Commander.

Maybe he should have left Xana’s memories alone…

Bones’ mouth hung slightly ajar as Opiate stood and explained what his side of the story was. Xana had actually placed a firewall on his own memories? His gaze fell; that would explain the behavior and the cat. That cat knew that house as if it lived there. Not to mention, Xana had a scratching post in the living room that he had not remembered buying much less having. All that for a single person, someone Xana must have cared who had left him so much yet so little in the end.

The young hedgehog did not bother looking up as Commander complimented him for being brave. He wasn’t brave, but now he was certainly worried about Xana and his emotional state. Xana did not seem like the type to deal well with emotions and if someone hurt him in such a way, it would make sense that he’d pull something like that. As astounding as it was to hear.

He finally glanced up at Opiate’s question, the same running through his own. Though, the way Opiate put it made it seem like this person had just left and never came back. It was close but his friend wasn’t close enough it seemed. The name rung alarms in his mind, recalling the time Ru mentioned to contact him if he needed to speak with Chad or Ru. The other time had been with Feather, when he’d been so sad. Hark had so many connections, almost everyone he knew knew him.

And to hear that he had left under circumstances that he had no choice in. Like death.

He did not even have to look up to tell that Commander was affected by his passing as well, shivering at the explanation. His grip on the blanket tightened, eyes cautiously moving to Opiate as the hedgehog seated himself on the bed. Opiate shouldn’t be in trouble, he was just trying to find an answer and Bones would stick to that belief even if he had to stand up against Commander. Without much more thought a hand wrapped around Opiate’s shoulder, Bones scooting closer with a concerned frown. It was all a misunderstanding.

“O- Opiate i- it’s o- okay”, he murmured, ears pinning to his crown. Opiate had called Hark a coward because he did not know about the reasoning behind why he’d left. He did not mean to it. No one meant to do anything..

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Well, Commander hadn’t meant how Bones met Xana, but he supposed it didn’t matter too much. He pondered for a second, opening his other eye and glancing at the ceiling, running through something in his head.

"Hmm, okay. Well, I remember having a talk with Xana a few months ago…mentioned something about a host. But in any case, I was actually curious as to how you and Opiate met. But don’t worry about it, it’s alright. I can work with this.”

A moment of thought, before shoulders eased into a more relaxed pose and Commander offered a reassuring wink to the kid.

"Hey. Bones? Don’t worry. Nobody’s in trouble here. You don’t have to lie, okay? I can tell that this is a touchy thing for you, so first let me say thank you for agreeing to have a little talk. I promise you that nobody’s here to hurt you, and I’m just trying to put the pieces together. And if my eye bugs you-" -He gave it a tap, chuckling as he did so - "-then let me know, and I’ll shut it again. You’re the top priority here.

So can you tell me what happened, please?”

Bones got a little nervous as Commander seemed to ponder something and it was then he wondered if Commander knew Xana. That would change things, especially if Xana told him something about not owning an actual body. When the other spoke it only confirmed it and his ears went flat against his head. “O- oh”, he kept his gaze glued to his hands, fiddling with his fingers. He felt embarrassed and ashamed for not telling the whole truth. This was Opiate’s father and he seemed nice but he was still frightened if just slightly.

Once Commander spoke his name he finally lifted his eyes reluctantly, straying away at the mention of lying. He felt terrible and conflicted. Bones really wanted to trust Commander but he just wasn’t sure. Bones heaved a sigh, shoulders sagging as he tried to make eye contact with the other. The tap to his glass eye had him flinch but other than that he was trying to get used to it. It was strange and it made him wonder what happened to earn such a terrible gash to his eye.

You’re the top priority here

He wanted to tell the other he wasn’t, that he was just a visitor, someone he just met. How could he be held at such a position? Bones swallowed, trying to keep his thoughts organized, “X- Xana g- got m- mad. N- not sure w- why. B- but when I- I arrived h- he w- was upset at O- Opiate”. His gaze fell on the other for a moment, body twitching uncomfortably. “I- I saw th- that Xana m- might t- try t- to”, he cut off there and quickly added, “B- but I- I’m sure h- he did n- not m- mean it. H- he d- did not m- mean t- to l- lash out. I- I got th- there in t- time to t- take the hit”. Bones felt like crawling back under the blankets and never coming out again. This was Opiate’s father, he was bound to get mad at Xana for attempting to hit his son.


Code Lyoko 10th anniversary rewatch: #11 (Season 1)

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The smaller hand was shaken gently; a cementing of the fact that Commander wasn’t out to hurt the little guy, Scooting his chair up a few inches, Commander placed his hands in his lap, idly tapping his foot. This kid sure was interesting. And the resemblance to Xana was uncanny…

"Nah, no need to be sorry. You’re fine, I promise. So hey, tell me a little about yourself! Opi’ here tells me you got into a skirmish with Xana…? But before that, I’m curious as to how you two met in the first place. I guess I haven’t been as attentive as I should have been!"

Itching at his scarred cheek out of habit - it was by no means comfortable to leave one eye shut like that, but he’d do what he must - he cleared his throat, patiently waiting for a response.

"And please, if there’s something I can do to come across as less of a big bad guy, let me know. I don’t try to be scary, I promise. It just comes naturally, haha!"

His smile grew as his hand was given a gentle shake, feeling a bit comfortable now. No this man wasn’t bad nor would he hurt him, in fact he was very kind. Something he’d expect from someone who raised Opiate and influenced him in the best possible ways. That smile only grew as he listened to him talk, the tone and the way he spoke. It was hard not to grow comfortable.

Though at the mention of the conflict with Xana he tensed, fur raising straight up in panic. What did Opiate tell him? How much did he say? It wasn’t that bad he wasn’t hurt too badly and he came in time to stop Xana from hurting Opiate. Things should be fine. Xana did not mean any of it and he hoped Commander wasn’t made at the program.

“Um- uh- I- w- we met”, he stopped himself, uncertain of what he should say about the other. If he were to tell Commander that Xana was his possessor it might give him more of a reason to not like Xana. The youngest bit his lip, fingers intertwining as he tried to think of something that wouldn’t be lying. “He’s m- my g- guardian”, he murmured with a shrug, eyes adverting.

It was then that he realized that Commander was keeping that strange eye shut. Hadn’t Opiate signaled him to shut it? He swallowed uneasily, “N- no it’s o- okay. Pl- please o- open y- your eye. I- I don’t w- want y- you uncomfortable”.

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Commander caught that fear - it was well understood, and he’d seen the look many times before. When Opiate sprung into action, though, a cheery smile warmed over him, and a friendly-sounding chuckle broke the heavy tension in the room.

"Alright, alright, I’m goin’!" 

Parking his rear in the chair Opiate had moved over with a subtle thumbs up, Commander closed his bionic eye in a longstanding wink before smiling at Bones. Keeping his voice low, he spoke in a softer tone - no need to frighten the kid further.

"Hey there, fella. Sorry if I’m big and scary! I promise I’m not the boogie man in my spare time, if it’s any consolation. I thought it was high time we got introduced! I’m Commander, but you can call me something else, if that feels weird to say. You’re Bones, huh?"

And gently, he held out his flesh hand for a shake, smile never wavering. It was obvious by now that Bones was a timid one, but it was alright, in Commander’s eyes. More practice is always good!

Bones kept his gaze down, uncertain if he perhaps gotten in trouble with Opiate’s friend or whoever this was. Now the urge to leave was more pronounce then ever and he fidgeted where he sat. He only took a chance to glance up when he saw Opiate pulling up a chair. The younger hedgehog kept his head down but curiously watched the interaction between the two. The chuckle from the larger of the three sounded friendly, causing Bones to slowly bring his chin up, ears perking.

He was only encourged to keep his head up and not shrink back under the covers when he felt Opiates’ comforting hand on his shoulder. Bones smiled weakly at his friend only for it to fade when he was introduced. This was his father!? If he did not seem guilty before he certainly was now. How could he treat the man like that. His ears fell again as his gaze relunctantly trailed over to Commander, noting the kind smile that only made him feel worse.

“I- I sh- should b- be th- the one”, he took a shaky breath, “s- saying sorry. I- I just w- wasn’t sure”. The last part came out quietly and his gaze fell again. “N- nice to m- meet you s- sir. Y- yes th- that’s my n- name”, he only looked up again when he noticed the offered hand and timidly he ever so slowly took it in his own with an uneasy smile.

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… Commander didn’t know Bones? That was strange. He had passed so much time with the alternate that he must have forgotten to tell Commander. Shame, ‘cause the older one would definitely like him.

He hesitantly took Commander’s hand and guided him silently to his room. Hopefully, Bones would still be asleep.

"He is. Bones and Xana are connected in some way. Bones carries the same wounds Xana does and Xana tends to be a bit like you are with me when it comes to Bones. Pulled him aside when things started to get bad."

Well, more like told him to go inside when things started to get heated.

He’d been in more trouble than he’d ever landed in with Commander, for sure.

So, with a quiet “I know”, Opiate opened the door to his room and quickly went to Bones to gently shake him.


He’d lost track of how long he’d been in Opiate’s zone and with each passing day the urge to leave and stay was tearing him apart. He had stayed so long, he should’ve gone back to check on Xana. Possibly ask him what had happened to make him turn on Opiate if he was comfortable because he was still fuzzy on the details. But all at the same time he wanted to just stay here, leave behind the over looming problems. At least for a while.

Bones’ sleep had been dreamless which was something he was grateful for. But it was also empty, hardily restful. He stirred once he felt himself being shaken but it took a while. The younger hedgehog was groggy and sleepily he turned over to face his friend, murmuring. It was when he heard his name did he finally open his eyes, blinking away the sleep.

“Op- Opiate?”

His gaze soon fell on the larger figure and his first reaction was to shrink away, bringing the blankets tighter around his form. Who was that? He hurriedly rubbed his eyes and carefully pushed himself up on the bed, blinking up at the larger hedgehog. The black optic and the scar had his ears falling back. Was he in trouble? Did he stay here for too long? His head sunk, gaze guilty.


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