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Shaky Start



Twin black ears flickered back, laying flat on either side of Feather’s dulled red stripe. He could hear the beating of the boy’s heart, every quickened thump as it pounded against his chest. Although the cry wasn’t shrill it still had Feather flinching again, brow creasing and tail squirming in an attempt to get closer since it couldn’t wiggle its way between his legs. He made a mental note to turn on the light next time, if Bones was awake or not. Anything to avoid a repeat of this. The child didn’t need any more stress….

Feather’s first reaction to Bones getting out of bed was to reach for him but he stopped with this hand outstretched. If Bones was this frightened grabbing him was probably a very very bad idea. It would, probably, scare him further and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

The hedgehawk sat with his hands in his lap, watching as Bones stood there, still with twitching ears and a curled tail between his legs. He blinked curiously, clearing the haze and the terror that was blocking him from seeing reality. Their eyes met and Feather tried to put on an easy smile but it came out more sad and worried.
What ever it was, be it Feather’s words or his touch or his sight- something helped Bones and he was back to reality. The hedgehawk carefully reached out, taking the boy by the arms and pulling him close.

"Yeah, it’s me Bones. I’m right here, ‘m right here."

Again he cooed and clicked at the hog in his arms. Feather scooted further onto the bed and laid back, gently poking and positioning Bones to lay next to him. The hedgehawk wrapped his friend in a tight hug, arms and wings.

"It’s ok Bones, you’re safe. You’re here with me and I’ll keep you safe. It’s ok."

The younger hedgehog let out a small, mumbled noise as he was brought into the hedgehawk’s hold. This felt real, it sounded real. It had to be real. He hoped it was real. His ears twitched and flicked under the others’ chin, the sounds coming from Feather soothing his tense muscles. Carefully he lays a hand on the older one’s chest fur, the color dimmed by not only the ash but the darkness of the room. Strangely enough, the ashy smell of his fur did not bother him; in fact it comforted him in some form or way. A smell that was anything but the sterilized fumes of the ARK that seemed to remind him of days he could not remember.

Another sound left him as they moved further onto the bed, ears lowering as he tried to keep his eyes on the body of his friend, trying to keep him there with his gaze. He watched a wing drape over him that was coupled by a strong arm. His own hands moved to weakly grasp Feather’s arm, squeezing it ever so often. If this wasn’t truly happening, at the very least he’d enjoy the comfort while it lasted. With that, he buried his head into the chest of his friend, his next words mumbled. “T- th- thank y- you. P- plea- please st- stay. D- do- don’t wa- want th- them c- coming b- back”.


Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I miss you guys and RPing meh muses. I really hope either tomorrow or this weekend I can RP and just clear out all my drafts. At the very least, I want to clear out all the drafts here and perhaps start some new RPs.

I apologize for the lack of activity and all. Normally I would have more time on my hands to RP even on school nights but I have been working a job at a fast food place. So my time gets thinner, not to mention the fact that I do drive my buddies where they need to be. It just adds up honestly.

But I want to at the very least make a system. To clean out drafts each week on one of my blogs. Even that might be pushing it. But I miss RPing and you guys so I wanna try and put some more effort here! Anyways, I hope all is well!

Shaky Start



 Each fearful whimper and soft sobbed cry tugged at Feather’s heart strings. He couldn’t tell if Bones was awake or merely dreaming, but it didn’t quite matter. The little hedgehog was in horrid distress, possibly caught between fantasy and reality, if what Neuro told him was true.
Those red eyes, which should have been clear, were clouded and dull. Bones cried out and Feather flinched back, dropping the sheet and fluffing his wings up from agitation.
This was bad, so very very bad.

"Shhhhh-" the hedgehawk whispered slowly, opening his wing carefully. He kept eye contact with Bones the best he could, bringing the large fluffy appendage around to rest along the hog’s back and drape over his shoulders. It crackled, the energy attempting to hold the wing together but Bones’s body was starving. It craved Chaos, large amounts of it, and attempted to suck it out of Feather via his wing.

It hurt that way and the hybrid pulled back, trying to weight his options. Bones needed to be stable again- if he had an emerald he would give it over immediately for the boy to feast on. For now though he’d have to take from Feather’s personal stores. He needed it more at the moment and Feather was willing.

The hedgehawk cooed again to Bones and held his hand out, gently putting it on the hog’s knee and rubbing soothingly with his thumb. Chaos pulled itself out, flowing through the skin on skin contact into Bone’s body.

"Bones, Bones- hey, it’s ok. It’s Feather, you’re alright, it’s just Feather. You’re ok Bones, you’re ok."

His breaths came in quick bursts, heart thumping painfully in his chest as he made an audible swallow. The blanket was hardily over his head anymore, panicky eyes shifting through the darkness of the room as he stilled, uncertain what he was seeing. It was hard to hear anything but his hazardous breathing, his gaze not registering the presence just beside him, not until he felt something press against his back. Bones let out another frightened cry, quills rising as his eyes fell onto the shape next to him. It was too dark to tell who it was and his first reaction was to scramble off the bed.

But what stopped him was the crackle he felt along his back, a familiar feeling washing over him. It had him blinking, confused as to what that was. The feeling wasn’t necessarily bad. Strangely, it was nice and for a moment, it had him breathing normally. He did not feel so weak anymore, giving him just enough energy to cautiously gaze up at the figure, form shaking like a leaf. At first, he wasn’t sure what he saw, but as his eyes began to adjust to the dimness, features began to show; ones that he recognized.

Those wings. He knew him.

The much younger hedgehog finally heard the coos, his expression morphing into one of surprise and relief. It was Feather, he knew him. He even knew his name, was that his name? Red eyes begin to melt into a deep purple as the other placed a hand on his knee which in turn had him glancing down. He was still a bit dazed, doing his best not to blink in hopes of keeping the comforting image of Feather there. This could be a dream, a pleasant dream. It could be him hallucinating, like he had with Neuro. Or maybe Neuro wasn’t a hallucination. But why had that pain that came with those white tiles and robes feel so real, as real Feather’s hand.

“F- Feather? I- I- Is t- that y- you”, hesitantly he met the hedgehawk’s gaze, trying to spot any evidence of a false image.

*Bows down* Praise the great god X.A.N.A. May he bring a new meaning to this pitiful world.

"To be honest, I’m rather, if not very confused."

"But I can’t say I don’t like the sound of that. Finally some much needed respect."

Practice in pose and motion

These were some doodles I did in art class when I had finished early. They aren’t terribly good, only meant to be looked at from a distance. But when it comes to motion and body language, these peices are great. I’d have to say the one with Feather sleeping is my favorite. All around good image along with great example of a tired body.

As for Xana and Bones fighting (More like Xana trying to get a stab in) I like the motion in this as well however there are a few minor details that bug me a bit. Along with the picture of Dismas and Zenith, which turned out alright besides the fact that Zenith’s head looks weird. But other than that, these were great practice and I miss drawing these guys.

Shaky Start



Pulling himself from Neuro’s embrace was hard.

The sick hog mumbled and tried to open his eyes but Feather hushed him gently, petting his mate’s sparse quills till he slumped against the pillows and huddled against the mass of warm pillows and blankets Feather was leaving behind. The nest was so comfortable, he’d love to simply dive back in and wrap himself around Neuro again, but there was someone he had to see.

The halls were dark, the air a bit chilly as it always was on the ARK. His talons clicked loudly on the ground, bare feet padding across the metal as mismatched eyes looked at the number plates on the doors. A2035….A2057….A2059. He stops and clicks the button next to the door, the familiar whoosh of the metal sliding away familiar. It covers up the whimpers until Feather is in the room and it is closed again, wrapping them in cool darkness and the low but distant echoes of creaking steel.

Immediately Feather begins to coo, the sound low and soothing, an instinctive attempt to make the whimpering go away. He sits slowly down on the bed, observing the mass of blankets and the small quivering coming from inside of the mound. Careful hands prod around until he finds the edge of the blanket and begins to lift, spotting stark black against the sheets.


Besides his whimpers, the room was generally silent, making noises that were faint seem louder than they truly were. Thus, when the light taps from just outside his door grew closer, he felt his body go rigid. What was that? All his mind was registering were heels. His whines grew more panicky when he heard his door sweep open and close. Who was that? It couldn’t be Neuro, that wasn’t Neuro. His mind ran in circles as images began to appear, a woman with blond hair smiling down at him as he took a step to the side to let her in.

The others’ comforting sounds are just about drowned out by his cries, Bones shifting to uncurl and grab at his head. He was on Neuro’s Ark, he was on Neuro Ark. He was safe, safe, safe. The shift of weight of the bed had stopped his whines instantly, sucking in a breath as his ears strained and his quills flexed under the blanket.

Though he was at full attention now, faded red eyes open and staring into the pitch blackness, he missed the voice that spoke his name. Especially when he felt the sheet being lifted, causing him to cry out in panic. “NO- n- no!” it was all he could say, shrinking back as far as he could. He still had no idea who this was and as eager to know as who it was, he was terribly scared. What if it was that woman again? Coming back, to finish the job. A job he had no clue about and it’s intent. It was just bad.

No more.

Shaky Start

All he knew that he wasn’t in Commander’s world anymore.

The young hedgehog twitched under the sheets, curled up in a tight ball as he tried to will away the visions trying to worm their way back. It helped to be somewhere warm and dark, but there were those times when even that wouldn’t help. It was hard to keep his mind quiet, sleep not coming easy and when it did, he’d wake up screaming. But each time, Neuro had been there, leading him to believe that he may be back on the ARK. That alone was a comfort of sorts, accompanied by a touch of guilt when he noted the tired look.

Though, with how bad he was having these hallucinations, it had him second guessing what reality was and what wasn’t. At times when Neuro would be with him, he couldn’t see or sense him at all, as if he wasn’t truly there. Instead he’d see a white room that was cold and empty. And if the vision continued, it would only get worse. He would start to feel pain on his neck and various parts of his body, the feeling alone triggering other images and shapes.

Where was Xana? Where was he? Neuro was there but, wasn’t. The last thing he could truly remember before things got bad was Opiate’s father holding him and soon after Opiate taking him from that comfort. To leave him out in the white. The form under the blanket gives a violent shake, loud whines erupting from his throat as the memory reminded him of the terrifying color and the fact that he’d been abandoned. Left alone, like he was now.




Wolf got out of the chair and walks over to one of the tables picking up a circular, yellow radio device. He walks over to Bones and shows it to him before he hands it over.

"There are two operating buttons on here. One on the left is a button to press to respond back to the caller. But you will have to let go so you can hear the other. The button on the right is a switch on whatever FM/AM you are on. Do not touch it unless it’s off of 03.43 FA. It needs to stay on those numbers."

Bones’ gaze followed the older hedgehog as he moved to retrieve what looked like the communicator in question. A little uncertainly he takes a step back as Wolf approaches, the memory of the others’ angry expression and threats to tear him to pieces making him wary for just a moment. But he seemed to settle, instead focusing his attention the best he could to the device the hedgehog was attempting to explain. He gives a nod of understanding, doing his best to recall what button did what.

Gosh, he hoped he wouldn’t forget.

“Th- thank you”, he glances up and tries for a timid smile before carefully taking the communicator and examining the buttons Wolf had mentioned. It seemed simple enough; maybe he could do this on his own. The younger hedgehog presses the device to his chest and holds it there, taking a moment to let his thoughts sink. His energy levels felt more leveled out now, he could possibly attempt a Chaos control at this point.

His gaze falls, uncertain if he should leave. Stuck on what he should or shouldn’t do, tail flicking nervously behind him. “I- I h- hope things g- get b- better here- f- for you”, his ears press against his head, “I- I’ll come b- back w- with a- anything y- you mig- might need.” At least, he’d try to.

Checking In



"Nope, but I can do this!" Hark exclaimed proudly before shaking himself like a wet dog, sending water flying everywhere and causing Xana to get an impromptu shower, which had tiny ears folding back.

"Oops," was the only thing he could say before the sheepish smile returned, and now the boy was looking away, feeling embarrassed. "Sorry, didn’t mean to make you wet."

Purely accidental. Cripes, he hoped the other took it okay. Something told him he wouldn’t, though. And what to say about the person he was looking for?

The next sentence was shy at best.

"Who are you looking for? Maybe I can help you?"

The minute droplets came hurtling towards the program he made a quick side step, letting an angry hiss escape his lips as some of the water hit his arm, causing his arm to glitch and fuzz for a moment. His lips pulled back into a snarl, glaring down at the sheepish looking child while he nursed his arm. If this kid could get any more irritating. Once it forms back into its proper shape he flexes it, ears folded back as he did his best to ignore the kid.

This wouldn’t have been a terrible problem if he was in a body, but since Bones is out of commission he couldn’t use a body. Why did the kid have so many triggers..

“He isn’t here right now” he growled, finally taking a moment to stare down at Hark, “in fact I think I will take my leave.” He had enough of this kid, there was only so much he’d be willing to handle and that splash of water did it for him.

+ xanafiedshadow


What that Shadow? No, this Visitor looked like Shadow, but something was much different about him! Especially those markings over his eyes. Were those scars? Ouch, those had to hurt!


"Hi! Welcome to the Dream Gate! Wanna race?"

The young hedgehog glanced around with a look of shock, staring at the strange world around him. It was so much to take in that he hadn’t even noticed the blue hedgehog standing near him. Not until he heard the welcoming greeting, one that had his fur standing in surprise.

He knew this hedgehog, not exactly the same color he’d seen him last time nor did he glow. This must be an alternate. Once reaching that conclusion his gaze moves back to the scenery, distracted by the colors and life that infected the world around him, completely forgetting the question he’d been asked.

Organic Technology (Xana)



To anyone else, this would have been easy to explain. The balance, the need to fill a space that was empty, the fact that he was actually getting toe to toe with the greatest Chaos wielders out there. To someone other than Xana, the implications would have been easy to understand.

Not to a program. To a program everything needed to be stated outright, told from the beginning to the end without a doubt, else you would just leave the system in confusion.

So Hark took a seat, sighed, and explained, “It’s become a lot harder because something else added itself to the equation. It’s not just getting more powerful, it’s getting the place that goes with those new powers, and the new rules that come with it.

"As you know by creating the creatures you make, you know that everything holds onto a balance. Power cannot exist without a certain lack of speed, and speed cannot be given unless power is taken away. But this is just an example of a much larger rule. Nothing comes without consequences. Were it now or before you existed, consequences will forever follow your actions, no matter what.

"So my rebirth, the fact that I came back with my more power has brought a consequence when I finally found the Emeralds of Satu’s world. I am… the next god, in that world. That means that, if I do as much as a misstep, I might not ruin myself, but my world in the process."

The frown Xana held only got deeper when he heard the sigh, expression morphing into one of slight irritation. He couldn’t tell if the sigh was of exasperation or simply one that was tiresome. Either way, he hoped it wasn’t the first possibility, for Hark’s sake. The program was no idiot; in fact he was smarter than must considering how much access he had to information and had a place to store it all. Just because he wanted an explanation did not mean he had to be treated like a child.

Though, he did listen, keeping quiet as he took in every word in hopes of getting a better light of it all. And he did, the example Hark gave being a rather helpful one but to the program unneeded. It was like using the power of the super computer for certain tasks, ones in which would take away energy and slow down other processes. He huffs, turning to look everywhere else but the hedgehog next to him, “Alright. Fine, so you are troubled by this new power. But knowing you, you’ll handle it just fine.” Xana continues to stare off, still looking rather agitated. So Hark was becoming a God? That bit into him like a pesky flea. To the program, it was unfair, even with all these new rules the older hedgehog vaguely spoke of. What he’d give to get such a title, to have that kind of respect; instead of seen as some virus? It also made him wonder what that would also mean for their relationship. Would Xana ever get to see Hark anymore?

These troublesome thoughts seemed to pile up and soon it had the program standing, keeping his gaze astray. “I’m happy you’re back Hark”, he pauses, thinking to himself for a long moment. It looks as if he wants to say something more but he simply turns and moves back to the kitchen. “I need to clean up” his comment his short and suggestive, keeping to himself.

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